I meet some of the most AMAZING and CREATIVE people with some of the GREATEST ideas. We will talk about them and get all amped up and then.. well, nothing happens! Why? Sometimes, it stems from a little something called “The Imposter Syndrome”.

The Imposter Syndrome is

If I hear another excuse I’m going to scream! I’ve made them too, equally guilty over here. But If no one has ever told you, I’m telling you right now - you. Are. WORTHY. You can do this. WE can do this! We have to stop making excuses for not working on our dreams.


Here are some of the most common signs of Imposter Syndrome I see. I’m throwing on my boxing gloves (yes, I used to box) to knock a few of these down for you:

You Don’t See Yourself as an Expert

Okay, so here’s the thing… you don’t have to be an expert. You just need to know more than your clients/customers know or are willing to figure out on their own. Then, you have to continue diving into the knowledge and delivering it to them. That means there is TONS for you to learn. Be energized that and get to mastering your craft.

You Don’t Think You Have Enough Time

For a brief moment in college I was an Economics Major.. Weird. Anyway, the one thing I took from #ECONLife was the concept of “opportunity cost”. Opportunity cost is basically what you give up in return for something else. I look at everything in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) & Opportunity Cost. You have to be willing to give up something to make room for something else.

If you have 2 hours after work to hit happy hour 3 times a week, you have 6 hours of time for your goals.

If you have 3 hours of shows per week, that’s three hours towards your goals.

If you’re talking on the phone an hour at the end of the night, that’s an hour towards your goals.

Last Academic semester, I personally worked 7 gigs throughout the week and still needed to take time for myself so I would get a 5:16am wakeup call everyday so that I can better manage my time and make the most of each day.  

You have to make or create time. Earlier mornings, later evenings, cut the cable, lunch breaks, stop going on aimless dates... treat your distractions like drugs and JUST SAY NO.

Someone Else is Already Doing It

Again.. Do you know how many yogis there are in this world? If you had every person who wanted to learn about your field in your hands you would be begging someone to take the load off of you. We live in an ABUNDANT universe. There are some 7.5 Billion people in the world.. Find your tribe & love on them hard.. but they won’t know that you exist unless you let them know you do.

There’s always going to be competition. There are very few totally untapped markets. So differentiate yourself - how can you add your own twist on things to help you stand out? Use the competition to see a layout for how to run your biz or opportunities where you can elevate your own delivery. Train your brain to see everything as a plus. There’s enough opportunity for everyone to be great. Don’t compete, create.

It’s Not Perfect

Okay.. what is? Be energized by the imperfection and enjoy the ride. If it was easy and perfect, it would be boring, and goal/dream chasing is FAR from boring. If you wait for things to be perfect… you’ll never stop waiting. You’re going to get stuck. Stop getting ready to get ready and EXECUTE!

Don’t Know Where to Start

I’ve seen people get tripped up on things that they would figure out along the way if they would just start. Even if you don’t have a studio space or name for your venture that shouldn’t hinder you from starting. If you’re going into an online space there is so much information out there about webinars and funnels, if you are doing some dope art stuff.. Start posting dope art stuff - start branding yourself.. the other stuff will come later. Start getting yourself in the same space as the people who are doing what you want to do. Learn from them and grow with them. Be thirsty about your goals and eager in your approach for accomplishing them. We are living in the Internet Age - the first thing people are going to do is look you up anyway, so make sure there is something worth seeing.


Alright, I have plenty more Imposter Syndrome triggers but that’s a good start for you. Start where you are with what you have, knowing that what you have is good enough. As my best friend, Jalesa of My Money Mogul says, “done is better than perfect”.

You got this. You are worthy. You are smart. You are unique. You are talented. & the world needs what you have.

CAG Memb (11).jpg

My #1 Fan

I always heard people say the entrepreneurial journey was a lonely one and I kind of rolled my eyes like “yeah, okay.. Why are people so sensitive”.. Then I hopped on board for my own journey and I was like.. OOOHHHH!!!! Oh okay, yeah I got it.. This is kind of lonely.

But it doesn’t have to be...

When I started this journey, all of a sudden, I was the weirdo who didn’t care about a promotion, salary, or a title. I cared about freedom and flexibility (no pun intended... #yogijokes) I got tired of sitting behind a desk doing the SAME thing everyday. I got tired of complaining and listening to complaints about nagging coworkers and bosses who side eyed the clock when you walked in late. But most of all, I was tired of knowing my potential without maximizing it.

Even though I still worked full time, I had something outside of work that was fueling me and I no longer cared about the pettyness of my 9-5 - I started focusing on 5 -2am. I was working on things that energized and inspired me. I couldn’t shut up about it and I couldn’t put it down.. And it’s still that way. I wanted to talk about goals and figure out LLC’s, marketing strategy, and scalability. I was reading more interesting books and wanted to dissect them and get my 10,000 hours & master my craft. The conversations and influence I was yearning to have were shifting but my environment wasn’t and I believe that is what was making entrepreneurship feel so lonely.


So, I decided to change my environment. I had a couple friends that were entrepreneurs and I started spending more time with them. Especially, if they were more experienced than me. The conversations were uplifting and we were constantly bouncing ideas off of each other and focused on greatness. On the tough days, we help get each other out of them. I no longer was allowed to say “I’m trying” and all my conversations were kept in the affirmative. I was building my tribe.

About a year into my journey I started working out of The HUB Space. The HUB Space is not only a coworking space but literally a business incubator. I’ve learned so much working up there with progressive peers who not only looked like me but could relate to my struggles and help me find solutions. There hasn’t been a question that I’ve had that couldn’t be answered from someone in that space or that could point me in the direction of someone who would know the answer.

I started to find community along my journey. I was finding people who “get it” and who were doing it. That made all the difference. I always say that you make up the average of the five people you surround yourself with the most and I’ve watched my business and the woman I am blossom and shift because of the amazing people I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with and the expectation that’s been placed on me to stay in that space. Me and my friends celebrate our wins and our “losses”  (because it’s an opportunity to learn). We are the optimists you hate, but it is exactly what I need to stay motivated and encouraged.


I also had to learn to be this level of support for myself. I’m just over 2 years into this entrepreneurship thing and I’ve finally accepted the fact that I need to be my own biggest cheerleader. I need to celebrate my own accomplishments and clap for myself. Noone knows my vision like I do, so noone is going to understand what the manifestation of my vision means to me.

There was a time when I would find myself getting upset because someone I didn’t know would show up to support me before someone I did know would. But I found peace and gratitude in the spaces they did show up for. They might not have showed up for class but they were emotionally supportive when I needed them for other life things. Or they maybe made me laugh not knowing that was a day where noone showed up to class and I was down in the dumps. It’s all in your perspective.

As much as I would like for everyone to be obsessed with mindfulness and stress-management, they’re not. I had to learn to be okay with that. We’re human, and unfortunately, a lot of times, it can be hard for others to celebrate you, especially if they’re not happy in the space where they are. Don’t take this personally and don’t let it discourage you. Your parents and your peers are not responsible for your joy, you are. Someone out there needs the work that you do and you just need to stay focused and allow yourself to be a vessel for delivery of that product or service.

Be your own #1 fan. Be crazy about you and the work that you’re doing and the spaces you’re in. According to Earl Nightengale, the only people who are successful are those who are progressively realizing a worthy idea. That means if you are doing something you want to do, you are successful. Stop waiting for validation from the 95% of people who believe that they don’t have control over their life and happiness and start surrounding yourself with the 5% of those that are excited about life and going for it.


Write down 3 reasons you’re proud of yourself

Reach out to someone who has supported you on your journey and let them know how much you appreciate it.

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surviving storms

This weeks #MindfulMoment is about finding the strength to survive the storms life throws at you.

Whether it be a hurricane or a traumatic breakup, we are all forced to deal with storms in our lives. So what do we do?.. because sometimes we’re literally forced to experience pain. There is so much that lies outside of our control in life.

People get sick, we lose jobs, go through divorces, have car accidents, people pass away, go bankrupt, lose businesses - you name it. ShiFt happens.

So what are you supposed to do in a moment like that? Do you just give up? Do you quit? Do you fight?


I got this idea from one of my favorite Authors, Jon Gordon. Jon Gordon tells a story of a boy named Joshua who is in his room with his mother listening to her tell him that his parents are considering getting a divorce. As she was breaking this news to them, more breaking news occurred - there was literally a storm coming.

Joshua was taking the news really hard but instead of lashing out he literally said, “I’m going to be strong, trust that things will all work out, and stay positive about this.” 

This boy, whose pain was unbearable, was choosing to stay positive as his world was being torn apart. While his levies of strength were breaking and the pain was flooding in, he was mustering up the courage and faith to reinforce his walls and stay strong in the face of adversity. He didn't act in denial. He accepted the situation. And he knew he had to deal with it; with courage, positivity, hope, and faith.

Jon Gordon goes on to remind us that we will all come face to face with different storms in our lives. It’s up to us to accept that some situations are outside of our control and to be mindful about the way that we react to them. It is in these times that we have to know we can’t do it all alone… we’re not supposed to do it all alone.

In your powerlessness, discover your true power.

In your fear, find your faith.

In your need to be in control, find the ability to surrender.

I don’t know why we face these storms in life, but the fact that you’re reading this means you’ve survived 100% of yours or you’re still strong enough to fight through your current one. Take note of this kids strength and take pride in yours. Life is a journey, lean into it, and learn from it.

#MindfulMoment What’s an adversity you’re proud to say you’ve overcome or are fighting to overcome?



Today’s #MindfulMoment is about learning how to be happy at work.

A lot of conversations I have are about 9-5s and how unhappy some people are in their roles. We see companies like Google, Apple, Chick Fil A, and some of their employees seem SO happy and we desperately want that! We want to feel that excited about the work that we do each day.

Bad work environments, toxic company cultures, and terrible bosses can absolutely play a part in the stress you feel from your job, but, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about how you can achieve this level of happy regardless.

The secret is you.

The first step to “changing your happy” in any situation is to decide that you are going to be happy in that situation. Your happiness is determined by what’s on the inside, not the outside. So focus less on the things you can't control, and focus more on what you can - which is you

I can remember not long ago when I was SO over my full time job. Honestly, everything about it seemed terrible at the time. But, I had to make up my mind that it wasn’t that bad. I started focusing on the good that my job helped provide me with - rent, food, tons of life lessons. Almost instantly, I started to feel better towards the work I did on my 9-5.

The other difference was that I have things outside my 9-5 that are fulfilling. If you’re just working your job and going home to complain about it, well, it makes sense why your days seem a little gloomy. But, if you can find something that allows you a sense of fulfillment and purpose to life - it will lift the pressure off of your 9-5. You won’t be waiting on your job to deliver a sense of purpose.

I’ve met janitors and call center reps who love their jobs more than some people I know bringing in suuuuper decent salaries under their fancy titles. So let me tell you this, money won’t solve all your problems either. Again, your happiness starts with YOU!

Your happiness on the job does not depend on the work that you do but the way you choose to feel about the work that you do! A great start to feeling good about the work that you do is to fill yourself up with a sense of passion and purpose. Naturally, when you feel good about who you are and the things that you do (both inside and outside of work), that will spill over into your 9-5. Or divinely deliver an exit strategy for you.

If you don’t know what your passion/purpose is - that’s perfectly fine too. Just start doing things that you enjoy, this will naturally lead you to your purpose. Once you start tapping into things you love, it’s like you become a magnet - more things come to you that you enjoy, better circumstances arise, and better people surround you. Doing things with a sense of passion cause happiness to come running towards you.

Make a conscious decision to be happy where you are, and like a magnet - more happy will come. It’s the law.

Create an amazing work week <3

Bad Attitude

So the other day I threw a royal pity party for myself. I seriously get a good laugh out of people who assume I don’t have bad days. I’m telling you.. So I was walked around COSTCO talking to my best friend Kameron and had convinced myself that the best thing I had going was the 80 bottles of spring water I snagged for around 8 bucks and mastering the art of timing to know when the samples distributors had changed positions... I made four rounds.. FOUR!.. & they didn’t notice #shame

Me and Kameron can never have normal conversations lol, it’s always really deep and introspective yet timely - or SUPER out of line lol. We’re both going through this weird phase of life, I think it’s called maturity or adulting. Anyway, the same things aren’t as satisfying as they once were. The same crowds aren’t as convincing. Certain environments have become literally draining. & most of our energy is being used towards building our respective dreams and creating a life that we love. All of my friends (especially from college) are very passionate, energetic, and optimistic people. So you can imagine how unsettling it is when one of us gets “down in the dumps” (as we call it). The good thing is, we don’t let each other stay there for long. 

So we started to talk about how hard adulting was getting but naturally, the annoying optimists that we both are forced one of us to stop and change our perspective. That day, it was Kam. Life isn’t becoming hard… we were making life hard. Like we are LITERALLY are making this stuff harder than it has to be. All the what ifs-, the comparisons, the expectations, and criticism that was brewing that day were literally self-imposed. I wasn’t roaming around COSTCO shuffling my feet because life is hard, I was doing that stuff because I CHOSE, in that moment, to believe that life was hard - and so it was. 

Seriously, I’m getting maintenance done on my good-running SUV, shopping in COSTCO for water (I HAVE 80 BOTTLES), getting free food, on my iPhone with someone who loves me, I had clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, a bag loaded with a MacBook & iPad & books - and I was complaining!?.. I might have also complained about there not being Wifi for me to sit and work in the building but you got the gist by now.. I was being a total brat. Life and God have both
been pretty freaking awesome to me (not that I believe you can have one without the other) & even though there has been some lows.. Like low lows, they haven’t been so low that I couldn’t bring myself out of the dumps, and make it to where I am today. *PRAISE BREAK* 

When Kameron made me change my perspective on the situation and called me out on my nonsense it instantly clicked.. I needed to shut up and get back focused on all the good. 

Listen, life is as hard as we make it. If we’re convinced something will be hard, it will be hard. When you really think about it… it could be so much worse. The simple fact that you’re able to read this blog post and have access to whatever device you’re reading from speaks volumes. We all hit those moments where it’s like.. What on earth am I doing? But the key is to become more resilient to those moments. 

In the old days, Kameron and I would have gotten Chinese food and had a circle with our friends where we vented for hours on end, but now we understand the power of not letting each other dwell in the negative for too long. We vent it out and then quickly get to finding solutions or changing our perspective.

I want to challenge you to take on this idea of being thankful for your problems and actively seek ways to find happiness in your storm. This is not to dismiss your problems and say that your feelings are not valid because they definitely are. This is about taking control of your life and altering the state of mind around what is going on so that you can make room for more good

This resilience to your stress and ability to respond to your issues rather than react comes with practice. When we react it is usually more defensive, sporadic, and emotional. If we can learn to mindfully respond, we start to incorporate reason and logic and can understand that things aren’t as bad as we’re making them out to be. 

The good news is that you can strengthen this through concentrated efforts. Check out this video I made to help you understand the power of your thoughts & emotions and learn why you should actively work to process them and find tools that work for you. 

That being said...


I've been working hard to create an extension of my blog that will teach you accessible tools that you can use ANYWHERE to begin strengthening your resilience to life's troubles and start taking better care of yourself: mind, body, and soul. 

Your Mako Mindfulness Membership is loaded with Guided Meditations, Breathing Exercises, Dynamic Mindfulness classes (intersection of yoga, Mindfulness, and meditation), Mindset tools, Mindful Munchkins Activities (for kids) and more. This membership was created so that you could find what tools work best for you and have access to those resources anywhere. Each month new content will be added and you will always have access to past content. 

Click here to get a FULL overview of what's included in your membership and start your journey to creating great days. 

For a limited time, I’m offering memberships for just $7.99/month. Use the code "BREATHE" & enroll today

I’m looking forward to this journey with you and can’t wait to grow this community. 




Defining stress is kind of like defining happiness or success; everyone has a general idea of what it is, but no one can agree on one definition. It can be hard to define stress because we use the same word for the problem as we do the result. So we end up feeling stressed (headaches, colds, body aches, lashing out, etc.) about the things we're stressed about (work, relationships, money, projects, etc.) .. Confusing right?

Basically, stress is what happens when you feel you don’t have control over a situation.


The first thing to note is that stress looks different for different people. What energizes you, may completely tear apart someone else. What drives someone else crazy, may be no big deal for you. That being said, stress-management will look different for us as well. Stress shows up in tons of different ways and what's important is that we know what that looks like and find what works for us as individuals to manage that stress.

Now don't get me wrong. Stress is not always a bad thing. It's actually built into us and necessary for survival. Feeling stress is what releases the adrenaline we need to run from a loose dog or lift up a heavy object that has us pinned down. But there's levels to this. We have stress like eustress, which is “good” stress. This is stress from things like job interviews and roller coasters, this stress is typically seen as beneficial and just kind of gives us that little push we need. Then, there's distress, this is the type of stress we hear about more often. Distress usually looks more like hating your job, going through a divorce, knowing DeBo (Friday) is about to make his rounds on your block, or meeting a deadline that will make or break your career. This is that type of stress that is continuously eating at you. The stuff on your mind when you go to bed and when you wake up. This chronic stress is what makes us sick. This is what we need to learn to identify and manage.

The most important part of creating a stress management regimen, is knowing your stressors. You need to know what triggers stress for you. I can remember wanting to bolt out of my job at least twice a week. When I really sat down and assessed the situation, I was able to recognize that it was whenever we were making a change to a process. It wasn’t even just the change that was irritating the innermost parts of my soul, it was the change without knowing why. When I was able to identify that this delivery for change was a stressor for me, and I could calmly articulate that message to my team, I addressed it. My team understood my frustration and was sympathetic to my position, our relationship became stronger, and I only kinda wanted to bolt out of there once a week ;-). Kidding.

Another very important component to stress management is knowing how we react personally when it comes to stress. For me, it’s usually stuffing my face with asian food (all kinds, I don’t discriminate), disappearing (bolting to isolation), or bottling it up til I crack. It still happens to me sometimes, even as a stress-management teacher, but I can recognize when I’m headed there and am able to talk myself down from the ledge or at least not linger there too long.

It is so important that you manage your stress because, unfortunately, it’s not going anywhere. Honestly, stressors are just becoming more intense. Like these smartphones? This is a developing stressor and probably one of our biggest challenges. It’s always in a 2 ft reach, constantly going off to alert you about what everyone else is doing, and updating you on your new political cabinet *kneels in prayer… prays super hard*.

I can’t eliminate your stress for you, no one can. What I can do, is give you tools to manage your stress so that your bounce back can be stronger. I can help you to recognize what your stressors are so that you can become more resilient to them. I’m ready when you are, so I have two resources to get us started:


Check out my free eBook Mako Mindfulness: 9 Tools for Stress Management to help you get started with identifying your stressors. In this book, I discuss stress and show you 9 tools you can use to immediately start creating your stress management routine. Drop your email below & your book will be on it’s way.


Make sure you’re on my email list (you’re in if you just got the book)! You can also scroll to the bottom of this page & enter your email address there.

In the next few days I will be releasing my newest course which is a comprehensive stress-management & self-care membership site (also the reason you haven’t heard from me in awhile).

Here, you will be able to learn and practice mindfulness, meditation, positive mindset techniques, dynamic mindfulness (a trauma informed intersection of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation), breathing exercises, mindfulness for kids.. the list goes on. You will also have access to a community of others on their self-care journey and accessible tools to build your own practice. Also, new content will be made available monthly.

The theme of this site is accessibility, I love getting to a 60 minute yoga class after work but how amazing would it be to feel that good and know how to release tension in the middle of a crazy day? Folks on my email list will receive a special offer for their membership so be sure to sign up today!

I’m looking forward to working with you and growing this community. Thank you for your continued support, and as always, let me know if you have any questions.


What kinds of things did you love to do when you were a kid? I've been toying with this idea that the things we loved to do in our youth, our innocence - have a tendency to show back up and spark a little (or a lot) of joy in our adulthood. I was the kid who would charge you 10 cents interest if you paid me back my dollar late. I LOVED working in my Pops Karate school and filling out forms like a little business woman. I was random; I danced, played basketball, tennis, ran track, was a girl scout, learned arabic, and even had a couple weeks of a rap career streak that was short lived when my mom found my lyrics. Yikes. But, what's really been hitting me lately is that I used to play the violin.

I played the violin FOR YEARS.. I was actually a first chair violinist. I even did strolling strings where I would dress up and walk around fancy places playing my violin for rich folks.. Yes, little Mandie hauled around her violin, had private lessons, would BEG to go to the store to find a new book and teach myself the songs (especially disney/pop songs) - I totally nerded out on that little instrument.

I never listen to the radio and About a week ago I stumbled across this station 101.1 in Dallas.. the classical station. My radio hasn't changed since.. I've been hearing so many songs that me and my brother (@thebrothanewz) played over the years as orch dorks/orchestra nerds. But, as nostalgic as it is and as happy as it makes me.. it's also caused me some momentary sadness.

I was a first chair violinist, and at some point, I got "too cool" to play in the orchestra. I wanted to run the streets with my friends and started to get caught up in the wrong things. I ended up letting go of something I loved and something I was actually really good at for the acceptance of my peers and to do a bunch of stuff I had no business doing. What an idiot. Right? (Lol)

Had I stayed in the orchestra I could have received a scholarship for college or had an opportunity to showcase my talent in some really dope spaces.. but, I've learned something in my older years... EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Am I saddened that I betrayed my art for shenanigans? Absolutely. But, I also understand that I wouldn't be who I am today without the decisions that I've made since I walked out the doors of the orchestra room.

Had I continued to play the violin, would I have pledged AKA & missed the necessary lessons I gained from my Sorority?

Had I continued to play the violin, would I still have my tribe of AMAZING friends?

Had I continued to play the violin, would I have majored in business and joined my awesome B-Frat? #DeltaSigmaPiTilTheDayIDie

Had I continued to play the violin, would I be living in Dallas creating a life that I absolutely LOVE?

We can spend our whole life wondering "what if?", or, we can accept what is and acknowledge the difference it has made in our lives. Some of you may be going through a rough period right now, and you're probably sitting wondering what good could come of this? Rest, knowing that if you're reading this post, you have survived 100% of the adversities life has thrown at you. You will be stronger and better prepared for lifes next battle. As a stress management teacher, I always tell my clients, "I can't make your stress go away, it's necessary, and you need it for survival - but, I can help you to become more resilient to life's changes."

That's exactly what switching to a mindset of embracing change will do for you.. At some point, you have to realize that the only thing constant is change. People leave jobs, get divorced, lose friends, quit orchestra, move away, get elected, break up, get ill, make poor decisions - it's a part of life. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and use what you got to create the best life possible. The quicker you can embrace life as is, the easier it becomes to accept change and move on.

So 2 things:

1. When you love something, and it loves you back, it's always with you.

I see my love for classical/symphonic music show up in other areas of my life like my extreme distaste towards music with lyrics that lack substance lol or my tendency to burn the midnight oil listening to classical music or instrumentals while working. Or.. critiquing random violinist and knowing "if she would just drop her wrist she could get a better range of motion for notes", or “that bow needs rosin”, or “dang that shoulder rest is bomb... what brand is it?"

I find soooo much peace in music, I don't even think I can put it into words really. If it has lyrics, I've always loved picking them apart and using them to get me through. If it doesn't have lyrics, I zone out and easily tap into my creativity while manifesting some of my greatest ideas.

My brother, David, loved playing ninjas when we were little and now he's on the US Karate Team. #YouDontWantNoProblems ... He also is the one who introduced me to hip-hop and just dropped a dope album. You can check that out here...

I have a friend, Rwenshaun of Eustress, who loved to draw as a kid - now, he finds so much solace in coloring as a grown man.

My girl Cortney loves fitness and helping others feel good about themselves and just landed an opportunity to live a life she loves while helping others.

...Revisit what you loved, there’s probably something there - waiting for you...


2. Life is a series of choices. Some of our choices we'll love, and some will leave us saying "What The!?" - but they make you who you are. Beautifully flawed. Perfect.

There are no mistakes. Everything in life serves as a purpose. Slow down, pay attention, and figure out what life is trying to teach you. ALWAYS, find the good.

S/N: Check out the book The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Alborn - a great book on perspective and connecting the dots in life.

#MindfulMoment: What is it that you loved to do as a kid? Consider trying it now and see what that brings up for you.

God's Instruments

I was in a pretty tough place recently where I wanted to make a huge transition in my life. It was stressing me out, making me angry at myself, and bitter about my situation. I was carrying this dark cloud above me and it was evident in my conversations, my energy, and my work results both on the job and in my business.

I teach yoga and mindfulness at a homeless shelter and one night, no one showed up (just my luck right?).. My mom always told me if nobody shows up for my class, there’s a reason and I need to take that time for myself to practice and/or pray. So, that’s what I did. I prayed. I took a moment with all these tears in my eyes in the childcare room to pray for clarity, direction, discernment, and peace.

When I left the shelter, it was randomly on my heart to call my brother who I haven’t talked to in months. Honestly, I wasn’t even certain he would answer my call. I tried to vent to him and be angry about my situation.. #ButGOD . He shut it down. My brother put me in my place that day.

For the next hour, my brother told me about how I needed to fix my mind about my situation. He told me not to make major life moves out of anger, but to do it when it feels right. To recognize that there was a lesson that had to be learned from this situation and, until I figured it out, not to move. I needed to honor my commitments and be led by God instead of trying to make a large square fit in a small circle. I needed to flow, not force. He was telling me EVERYTHING I needed to hear.

I knew then that I wasn’t talking to my brother, I was talking to God THROUGH my brother. God uses people, we are God’s instruments. We are absolutely all connected, put on this earth to teach each other lessons and help each other grow in a number of ways. It’s usually those conversations that you leave like… “WOW, that was everything I needed to hear” when we really notice God speaking to us through others.

Pay attention to the conversations and situations you find yourself in after you pray. Don’t wait for some voice to whisper all the answers in your ear.. It’s just not that easy. Notice what you’re being talked to about and learn to become more present (mindful) in your circumstance. You just might find your answer in the most unexpected place through the most unexpected people.

Check out Mako Mindfulness: The Little Book of Prayers for some of my favorite prayers I say throughout the process of creating amazing days.

#MindfulMoment What are the people you surround yourself with doing and talking about? Make sure it uplifts you.