ABC’s of Stress


EXAMPLE: (A) Friend turns you down for dinner + (B) no one likes you = (C) sad/feel rejected

Unrealistically distorting your experiences produces these thoughts which then lead to your negative emotions.

If you want to change your emotion, you will need to change your beliefs. To change your beliefs you need to examine them.

Consider: In this example, no one likes you. Examine the evidence – Why do you think no one likes you? Does one person turning you down actually mean that no one likes you? Does this one event mean that no one will ever like you? Does this mean that everyone mustlike you?

By challenging your thoughts & beliefs about yourself, you can change your emotional reactions. Once you can start picking apart the illogical basis for your emotions you can free yourself from being dominated by emotions like rage, jealousy, and rejection and instead boost your emotions like happiness, contentment, and joy.

SADNESS = the belief that you’ve lost or will lose something important to you

ANGER = the belief that someone has taken something away from you

ANXIETY = the belief that something bad will happen to you