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Thank you for allowing me to share my practice with you!

I would love to hear your feedback & take aways from our training.

current trends

We discussed some of the current practices taking place in the classroom which you can find on the tree below. We also talked about how, as great as they are, we tend to see students continuing to act sub-optimally in stressful situations.

This is why it is so important to use a practice like mindfulness as a foundation for your SEL efforts, not a replacement, but a foundation. Mindfulness practices have been proven to change the way the brain takes in and responds to stressful situations.

MIC Trends.png

what do they need?

One of the things I really wanted to drive home in our training is that this is about what the students need, not what you want. The perfect social media posts of all the kids fully engaged and participating is beautiful, also, not typical.

Focus on the current emotional state of your students and where they ultimately need to be. If they come in energetic, asking them to sit down and breathe is going to be pretty rough. So, meet them with an energetic exercise and wear them out s l o o o o w l y getting them to a point where they are more relaxed and able to join you in a 4:4 breathing exercise (or whatever). A great place to come practice doing this with me is at the upcoming Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training.


abc’s of stress

This video helps walk you through the ABC’s of stress. A great tool I use for seeing stressful situations from a different perspective.

stress & the stress response


breath ratio chart

infinity breathing worksheet