Manifesting the Perfect Day

It’s that time of the year! People are discussing goals, dreams, and resolutions for the new year.

But how often do you set a resolution on January 1st, and it’s out the window by February?

That’s because there’s a crucial step we often leave out when setting our goals.


You have to be clear and intentional with your goals and make sure to put actionable steps in place so you’re prepared to do the work towards achieving those goals.

Here’s just one of my favorite journaling exercises that has made a huge difference in the way I approach achieving my goals and manifesting the things I want in my life.

Give it a try to help as you set your goals for this upcoming year and come up with ACTIONABLE steps towards achieving them!

The Perfect Day Journaling Exercise:

🍃Take a Moment: Sit down, clear your head, be intentional with what you’re about to write.

✍🏽Script Your Perfect Day: Imagine your future self and write out what you imagine your perfect day would look like.

💯 Find What Resonates: Go back and underline what you really would like to see in your life.

💁🏽‍♀️Write in the Affirmative: Take those things you underlined and write them out as affirmations.

🎯Flip Your Affirmations to Goals: Be clear in setting goals that will make those affirmations ring true.

🤝Take Inspired Action: This is the big one! Look at your goals and decide what steps you can take to manifest these goals.


I’ve set goals in the past where I said I wanted something, but I didn’t do the work. Or I said I wanted something, but I didn’t believe I deserved it. This is an exercise to change that way of thinking, so give it a try!

Be clear. Believe you deserve it. And take action!

Check out this video I recorded on how I set goals and manifest things in my life! I’m walking you through the perfect day exercise!

When Manifesting Isn’t Working

We’ve all had goals we wanted to accomplish that didn’t come true. When you have something you REALLY want and you don’t see it – I know how easy it is to get discouraged, throw your hands, and give up.

But I don’t want you to give up!

So what can we do when there’s something we want to accomplish, but it just IS NOT happening for us?

Here’s 3 things I look at when I feel like I’m not reaching my goals. I double check:

  1. The Thought: Have I been clear and intentional about my goal?
  2. The Belief: Do I believe I deserve this? Do my affirmations and perspective have me feeling WORTHY?
  3. The Inspired Action: Did I say I wanted it and then sit back and wait for it to happen? Or did I go start WORKING for it?

When you have something you want to accomplish, but you notice it isn’t happening, you have to have a sense of personal accountability. When something doesn’t go our way, we often point at what was working against us. And trust me, I know there’s real things out there working against us, BUT you DO have control over achieving your goals.

We all want what we pray for, but we get what we PREPARE for!

Here’s a video I created to help you when manifesting your goals doesn’t seem to be going your way:

Identifying Stressors

Because I’m a stress management consultant, people tend to assume I’ve always had a handle on coping with my own stress. 


But if I’m being honest, I haven’t always responded to stress in the most optimal way. 


And if I’m being REAL honest, I was kind of a nightmare. When faced with stress, I was reactive, short-tempered, and unpredictable. 


But through developing the Mako Method, I’ve learned to identify my stressors, recognize my warning signs, and manage how I respond to the stressful events in my life – and I want to help you do that same! 


What IS stress?


I think of stress as anything that is outside of my control.  


And when it comes to stress, we can either react or respond. 


When we REACT to stress, we don’t have time to process. You just GO and then most of the time in retrospect you think “Why did I do that?!” 

When you RESPOND to stress, you know what it is that stresses you out, you understand that feeling, and you have tools and strategies in place and ready to help you cope with the stress you may experience. 


The first step for really understanding your stress and knowing how to respond to it is being able to identify your stressors. To have a better of understanding of your stressors, I encourage you to: 

Start a Stress Journal 📝

This might be a formal journal, it might be a note in your phone. The important thing is to start noticing the things causing you stress and your reaction to those and jot them down.  

Build up your Coping Strategies 🧘🏽 

This means loading your toolkit with strategies that work for you to help cope with stressful situations as they arise. 

Take a Preventative Approach

Start putting things in place now, BEFORE you experience stressful events so you’re better prepared to respond to stress when it arises. 


Watch the full video and sign up for our free resource guide with more exercises for coping with stress below!