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Welcome! My name is Amanda and I am a Stress Management Consultant and Dynamic Mindfulness Trainer. There is one universal issue that has permeated my professional career, years of academia, and my daily interactions with friends and family  - stress. We are experiencing a stress-epidemic, and no one knows how to manage it. Stress is literally making us sick, and costing American companies roughly $300 billion annually. 

Between working in education and teaching mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation there's something else that I've noticed... it. is. exhausting. When you're in a position of service (think teachers, mental health professionals, non-profit, energy work, etc.) it's very easy to become susceptible to secondary stress/trauma. Do you know what that is?.. That is the stress that you absorb from simply working with others that are stressed.. & the not so fun fact of the matter is - studies show us that the symptoms of secondary stress/trauma mirror the symptoms of primary stress/trauma. 


I've decided to take on this mission of helping you maintain your best self and create great days by teaching you how to manage the stress you take on each day. Most of us don't enter this work without a level of compassion and commitment to making this world a better place. Don't let burn out from stress stop you from doing what you love! 

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