God’s Instruments

I was in a pretty tough place recently where I wanted to make a huge transition in my life. It was stressing me out, making me angry at myself, and bitter about my situation. I was carrying this dark cloud above me and it was evident in my conversations, my energy, and my work results both on the job and in my business.

I teach yoga and mindfulness at a homeless shelter and one night, no one showed up (just my luck right?).. My mom always told me if nobody shows up for my class, there’s a reason and I need to take that time for myself to practice and/or pray. So, that’s what I did. I prayed. I took a moment with all these tears in my eyes in the childcare room to pray for clarity, direction, discernment, and peace.

When I left the shelter, it was randomly on my heart to call my brother who I haven’t talked to in months. Honestly, I wasn’t even certain he would answer my call. I tried to vent to him and be angry about my situation.. #ButGOD . He shut it down. My brother put me in my place that day.

For the next hour, my brother told me about how I needed to fix my mind about my situation. He told me not to make major life moves out of anger, but to do it when it feels right. To recognize that there was a lesson that had to be learned from this situation and, until I figured it out, not to move. I needed to honor my commitments and be led by God instead of trying to make a large square fit in a small circle. I needed to flow, not force. He was telling me EVERYTHING I needed to hear.

I knew then that I wasn’t talking to my brother, I was talking to God THROUGH my brother. God uses people, we are God’s instruments. We are absolutely all connected, put on this earth to teach each other lessons and help each other grow in a number of ways. It’s usually those conversations that you leave like… “WOW, that was everything I needed to hear” when we really notice God speaking to us through others.

Pay attention to the conversations and situations you find yourself in after you pray. Don’t wait for some voice to whisper all the answers in your ear.. It’s just not that easy. Notice what you’re being talked to about and learn to become more present (mindful) in your circumstance. You just might find your answer in the most unexpected place through the most unexpected people.

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#MindfulMoment What are the people you surround yourself with doing and talking about? Make sure it uplifts you.