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Today’s #MindfulMoment is about learning how to be happy at work. A lot of conversations I have are about 9-5s and how unhappy some people are in their roles.

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Bad Attitude

So the other day I threw a royal pity party for myself. I seriously get a good laugh out of people who assume I don’t have bad days. I’m telling you.

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God's Instruments

I was in a pretty tough place recently where I wanted to make a huge transition in my life. It was stressing me out, making me angry at myself, and bitter about my situation.

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Holiday Mindfulness

For some people this is their favorite time of the year. The lights, the snow, family, presents, and the excitement of the incoming year.

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I’ve received three gifts already this holiday season and they all have something to do with time.

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Hope you guys are creating an amazing week so far. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the gratitude challenge we did leading up to Thanksgiving.

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Self-Care for Creatives

I work, a lot. But not the type of work that feels like work. Like I REALLY love the things I’m doing.

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In light of my favorite holiday quickly approaching, I decided to initiate a 7 day challenge of gratitude and positivity.

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Jotting Down The Good

In my first Blog Post, I talked about the importance of practicing gratitude, now I want to give you some tips on how to initiate a gratitude practice through journaling.

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Just be grateful

My name is Amanda and I am a Yoga and Stress Management Teacher. I am also human, and I know a lot about feeling stressed and the importance of managing it.

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