Our On Demand Professional Development courses empower educators to take care of themselves and bring evidence-based resilience strategies into their classrooms.

Mako PD provides On Demand Professional Development solutions for school districts and educators. Our online courses make it easy for educators of all grade-levels to learn evidence-based resilience strategies for their own self-care, to share with their students, and to earn professional development hours along the way.
Let us train your teachers so they can have strategies for building resilience to stress while supporting their students.


Let's face it. This is a challenging time to be in education, to say the least. It's a learning curve for both students and educators.

Lesson planning, personal problems, mandated pivots from in-person to virtual, media, distracted students - these are just a few of the challenges educators are facing these days.

They are doing their best. And they also may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out.

It's time to support our educators with the tools and strategies they need to take care of themselves and the students they serve.

Another semester is quickly approaching. Let's ensure educators have what they need to navigate the stress that comes with all of the current uncertainty and best practices for sharing resilience practices in the classrooms so students can continue to learn, succeed, and thrive in the classroom.

• Evidence-based strategies that are effective for in-person & virtual learning

• Clear protocols, expectations, and norms around bringing resilience practices into the classroom

• Bite-sized modules they can study on their schedule and revisit throughout the year

• Flexible professional development models that suit different needs & schedules

With these points in mind, we’ve designed On Demand training that connects your educators to the training and PD hours they need.


On Demand Social Resilience Professional Development for Educators!

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How educators feel matters.

If a teacher is stressed, their students are likely feeling that too.

In Educator Self Care, you’ll learn how to build awareness of and acknowledge personal stressors and learn actionable coping strategies to quickly turn your day around no matter what changes and unknowns you’re navigating.

We’ll cover:

  • How to build awareness of and acknowledge personal stressors
  • Understanding your stress and learn actionable strategies for coping
  • Developing a game plan for building resilience to stress
  • Strategies for coping with change and uncertainty
  • The impacts of stress and ways to assess your symptoms
  • How to cope with stress using the 5a’s (Acceptance, Avoidance, Alter, Adapt, Action)
  • How to recognize the need for and enforce boundaries
  • Strategies for coping with challenging students and parents

Resiliency is the art of bouncing back and it’s an IMPERATIVE skill to have in the classroom. 

When leading a classroom of 20+ students, managing energetic ups and downs throughout the day is part of the job and there are proven ways to help make doing so easier. 

In this training you’ll learn best practices for sharing mindfulness-based resilience practices in the classroom that you won’t find on Pinterest. 

We’ll cover:

  • The importance of teaching resilience practices to students (development and benefits) 
  • How to gage opportunities for improvement with resilience practices 
  • Language, accessibility, environment and strategies for ensuring practices are facilitated in a safe and productive manner 
  • Considerations for facilitating resilience practices in a virtual environment 
  • Strategies for personally coping with challenging students 
  • Exercises and scripts for resilience practices

Mindfulness is more than a buzzword. It’s a strategy you can use to keep your students present, engaged, and managing their stress. 

The Mako Method Classroom Edition is an evidence based practice that has been tailored to fit the needs of the classroom. In this training you’ll learn the Mako Method framework and how to simply implement it into your lessons. 

We’ll cover: 

  • Mako Method framework for managing stress and understanding the science behind it
  • Ways to embed the framework into your lesson 
  • How animated breathing exercises can be used to help your students ground
  • Mindful movement and breathing techniques for managing stress 
  • The science behind mindful movement, gratitude, affirmations, perspective, and journaling and exercises to take into the classroom 
  • How to create a lesson plan for using these practices as an intervention with your students 

Learn tips for navigating virtual instruction in this demonstration of a synchronous ELAR lesson with embedded social resilience practices. This course shows an entire synchronous lesson from start to finish, with tips for moving each section of the lesson to the virtual environment along the way.

The lesson demonstration includes: 

• I Do
• We Do
• You Do
• Turn and Talks
• Stop and Jots
• Small Group Work Time
• Social Resilience Strategies for Opening and Closing
• Brain Breaks

Mindfulness is about more than staying calm, it’s about being able to be present with and shift your state. 


Through breathing and stretching you can intentionally create different emotional states and in this training we’ll show you how. 


We’ll cover: 

  • How to use different breathing and stretching practices to reach various emotional states like focused, energized, or relaxed. 

  • The importance of breathing and stretching and how to bring it into the classroom 

  • Quick, accessible, exercises for managing stress

  • How to create strategic sequence centered around breathing and movement to reach different emotional states

  • Best practices for facilitating these practices in a remote environment 

This was my first year teaching and it was a difficult one. I was stressed to the point where I barely remember the beginning of the year. These trainings really helped me and I try and practice mindfulness while educating every day. I truly believe in the practice that you and your company are spreading! I have even spread some of this to my spouse and our home. - Katie 


Say goodbye to information overload in hours-long, pre-recorded Zoom sessions.
Taught by an educator and built for teachers of all grade levels, our courses include:

Bite-sized Step by Step Modules
that offer in depth breakdowns on specific topics

Instructor-led Trainings
that are fun, engaging, and personal.

Eye-catching Animated Videos
to demonstrate key concepts.

Practical Tips and Tools
that are evidence-based and ready to bring to the classroom.

such as breathing exercises & fillable worksheets.

Discussion Boards,
assignments, and feedback opportunities for peer support and collaboration.

Additional Resources
and readings centered around best practices and strategies for distance learning.

And with one year of unlimited access, teachers can rewatch and reference course lessons and tutorials as needed.

My experience learning Mindfulness from Amanda was absolutely seamless, and provided a complete mindset shift on how I personally view and process trauma. Her expert approach, passion, and knowledge base around mindfulness practice is evident, and applicable to a wide spectrum of individuals and learning environments. Amanda possesses an innate ability to connect the information with tactical ways in which it can be applied to our daily lives. – Ashley 


Amanda Muhammad is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Consultant currently pursuing her PhD in Business Psychology. She holds a Master's in Organizational Leadership, a BA in Management and Leadership, and is Certified in Mindfulness and Compassion Fatigue Education. Amanda is a sought-after trainer on the topic of resilience and stress management, and works with schools and organizations around the globe. She is a former educator and the founder of Mako Mindfulness, a web-based educational platform that teaches strategies for building resilience to stress and incorporating self-care practices throughout the day.

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