Creating Great Days: A Mindfulness Journal for Self-Care (Now Available for Pre - Order)

Creating Great Days: A Mindfulness Journal for Self-Care (Now Available for Pre - Order)


Creating Great Days: A Mindfulness Journal For Self-Care is a journal for exploring mindfulness practices that work best for you! Amanda Muhammad of Mako Mindfulness has created this journal full of evidence-based mindfulness practices for those of you looking for support on your journey of self-care and discovery.

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Features + How to Use:

Breathing Exercises:

Studies show that breathing practices can change our emotional state by up to 40%! Breathing exercises help us to alleviate anxiety, negative emotions, and can even lower your blood pressure. Practice a number of breathing exercises and use the scale to track the change in your emotional state. There’s also space to reflect on how each exercise made you feel.

Mindfulness + Meditation Practices:

Mindfulness practices help us learn to be in the present moment with curiosity and without judgement. Mindfulness has been proven to reduce anxiety, increase empathy and compassion, improve our sleep, increase optimism, build focus and concentration, and reduce stress and worry. Learn how to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily life both formally, and informally. Practice mindfulness exercises and use the scale to track the change in your emotional state. There’s space to reflect on what came up for you in the practice as well.


We average 50-70,000 thoughts per day and 70-80% of them are negative. Why? Because we are literally wired to be negative for survival. That’s really great when we’re in danger, but when we’re not, it looks and sounds like down-playing our greatness. Positive affirmations help us to take action on the things we want as well as believe more positive things about ourselves. Studies show affirmations motivate us, improve our overall quality of life, alleviate stress, strengthen our relationships, and counter anxiety. Practice affirmations to apply in different areas of your life and learn how to craft your own.

Coloring Pages:

Did you ever used to color as a child? Then found that as you’ve gotten older you’ve lost that sense of free flowing creativity? Age and stress can do that. Coloring has proven itself to be not only nostalgic, but calming, and a great tool for stress relief. Coloring takes our attention off of ourselves for a bit, relaxes our brain, and has low stakes - there’s really no wrong way to do it! Use the coloring pages as a creative outlet and free space to reflect on your experience.  


If we take a look at the things that stress us out, there’s probably around 1-2 that we can actually control. Even that may be stretching it a bit! Learn tools for reshaping your perspective on stressful situations. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Begin recognizing your mental clutter and use the exercises in this section to clean up your thoughts and reclaim your life!

Gratitude Practices:

We tend to focus on all of the many things that we don’t have and neglect gratitude for the things that we do. Gratitude has been scientifically proven to improve psychological and physical health, enhance empathy, reduce aggression, improve sleep quality, and increase self esteem. Practice gratitude exercises and watch just how quickly you start to see the silver lining in life's obstacles and how quickly you bounce back from adversity.

Journal Prompts:

Writing keeps the analytical side of your brain busy while the creative side is free to get a little wild. Journaling practices have proven to calm the part of your brain that can be very reactive in nature and gives you space to “write it out” instead of “acting it out” . Journaling is great for helping you manage your emotions and reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Respond to journaling prompts

Free Writing:

Use the blank journaling pages however you see fit! Write about your day, reflect deeper on your exercises, or even create your own prompts!

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