Mindfulness Exercise: Belly Breathing

Try this breathing exercise when you're feeling stressed. 

Breathing exercises are one of my favorite tools for managing my stress. When we get stressed out, some of the things that physically occur in our bodies is an increase in our blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. Deep breathing exercises work to deactivate that response and help you feel a sense of calm. Try this Dynamic Mindfulness belly breathing exercise next time you're experiencing stress.


Movement: Sit with a tall spine, chest open, and eyes closed (if comfortable). Bring your hands to your belly; push belly out when breathing in, and pull belly in when breathing out.

Breath: Your belly expands with each inhale, and contracts with each exhale. Follow your breath for 2 minutes, allowing the breath to be slow and deep.


This is a calming & centering exercise. Belly breathing increases body awareness and awareness of breathing patterns. This exercise reduces effects of stress by activating your relax response. 

Amanda MuhammadComment