Pay Your Dues

I was talking to a couple of my girls the other day about this whole idea of “paying your dues”. Not in the monetary sense but physically, emotionally, spiritually, and careerly. We’ve all gotten to that point where it’s like.. Why am I here? Why am I sitting at this job I hate, making this money that’s not paying the bills? Why, on earth, did my job move me to this city that’s in the middle of nowhere with no one I know? Why, when I want to be an entrepreneur SO BAD, am I too afraid to leave my job? Why did my car breakdown on the day of my biggest presentation? And of course, why are these people trying me like a free sample? (My Personal Fav)

Well the answer is, because you’ve got dues to pay. I don’t believe in (bad/good) luck or coincidence. I believe that everything happens for a reason. My brother Joe, is the one who initiated my inspiration for writing about this. He really got me together the other day. I was stressed out and anxious about making a major life decision and he reminded me that:

1. I needed to let God lead me

2. This was not going to be an easy decision until I made peace with where I was in my life

When I let that settle in with my soul, I legit felt the weight lift off of my shoulders. I was trying to force things in my life on my time instead of waiting for the right time. I wanted change now but at the cost of honoring my commitments and not letting my full lesson reveal itself to me. When we FORCE things, life gets sloppy. When we FLOW, life gets peaceful. Flow, is when you feel truly connected to the source, to your creator. Great things happen in flow; we meet amazing people, we stumble upon great opportunities, we’re happy, we’re light, we’re productive. But, to get into that we have to release and examine. We have to release our need to control everything, and examine what we need to take from this experience to grow into our best selves for the next experience. WE’VE GOTTA PAY OUR DUES.

Remember that quote from my first blog post, “God won’t take you to the next level until you master this one.” There is an absolute reason for where you are in your life, and, until you can learn to appreciate the lesson that your creator is trying to teach you (pay your dues), you won’t be removed from it. Sometimes, you will even think that you’ve been released from that situation, only to find yourself in a very similar one. You will have the same issues at your job, same issues in your relationships, same issues with your goals - and that’s because you have not allowed yourself to find the lesson. You have to viciously seek out the good in every circumstance. This all circles back to gratitude and mindfulness: learning to be appreciative for where you are no matter how unattractive it is.


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#MINDFULMOMENT Think of something in your life that is less than ideal and find some good in it